Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Hello and welcome! Welcome to the kelseyflynn spot on the Internet.

That’s me on the right. Do you see my lazy eye? It’s my right one so if you’re looking at me, it’s the one on the left. It’s why I’ll never have a successful career as a television correspondent. I’m alright with that though. Despite the photo, I’m not one for earnestness.

I am a stand-up and improvisational comic. I teach it here where I also perform it. But I also perform other places.

I’ve been a student of improv comedy for the last 20-plus years and here’s what I’ve learned:

●        Slowing down and being in the moment can change your life.

●        Listening is different than hearing and, when done right, will unlock possibility.

●        Saying “Yes, and” instead of “Yes, but” makes for more productive, and interesting, conversations.

I've performed in comedy clubs from Seattle to San Francisco and Boston to New York. And over the past ten years, I started including big conference rooms. 

We should hang out. Come to a show or have me to one of your shows. It’ll be awesome.

Seriously, let’s hang out. So you can experience my lazy eye in person.

Kelsey was dynamic.
— Jessye Dean, Community Action