Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Photo credit: Sandra Costello

I’ve been a student of improv comedy for the last 20-plus years and here’s what I’ve learned:

●        Slowing down and being in the moment can change your life.

●        Listening is different than hearing and, when done right, will unlock possibility.

●        Saying “Yes, and” instead of “Yes, but” makes for more productive, and interesting, conversations.

I've performed in comedy clubs from Seattle to San Francisco and Boston to New York. And over the past ten years, I started including big conference rooms. 

I speak and have crowd-conversations on the importance of breaking our addiction to all of our screens and devices. I also speak on other important topics including how awesome employees are at annual appreciation events. 

So let’s you and me talk. For real talk, like on the phone, or better yet, across a table from one another. This digital world we live in is exciting but it still can't quite capture the warmth of our voices or the grip of our hands.

I look forward to talking more soon!

Kelsey was dynamic.
— Jessye Dean, Community Action