Why do you care if we're all attached to our screens, Kelsey?

Mister Rogers.jpg

Mister Rogers said, "You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices can come from a deep sense of who you are."

I read that online when looking up "Fred Rogers" while procrastinating one day at a former job. The phrase "...a deep sense of who you are" struck me because, at the time, I don't know if I actually had that. I don't know that I have it yet.

A general sense of who I am? Sure. I know I'm a mom. I know I'm a wife and I know I'm not a fan of putting small dogs in baby carriages.  

But a deep sense? I don't think so because I think that is achieved with a measure of quiet and thought. 

I know, what parent has either of those two? 

And when you throw in how often we tend to touch our various screens (over 2,000 times a day for the average user...what?!), there's even less quiet and time for thought. 

I think our perceived need to be constantly wired to email, social media, news, information, more news, more information, and all of the related FOMO is eroding our ability to have a "deep sense" of who we are. 

And I know this not from the many and varied articles and studies out but from my own inability to put down my goldarn phone!


I know! I'm writing this blog while using my personal hotspot on a satellite phone from a solar-powered gondola in Venice! 

But I truly believe it's awesome only when we're in charge of it and when we make  conscious decisions of how we're integrating it into our lives versus how I typically interact with it, e.g. responding like Pavlov's dog to every whistle, chime, and buzz. (Yes, I salivate and it is viscous and messy.)

This is the start of me documenting my own journey figuring out how to be best served by the sweet, sweet, glittery nectar of technology instead of caught up in its confounding stickiness.