Traded in smart for flip

I did it. I traded in my smartphone for a flip phone. Yeah, I'm still not too sure about it either. It was kind of compulsive which is a hallmark of mine. Because of that compulsion, I may not make the switch back to a smartphone until at least a month of flip-phoning.

I've been thinking about making the switch for a while basically because I couldn't stop touching my iPhone. (I'm not alone. A recent study shows the average user touches their phone over 2,000 times a day.) If it was in my sight, I would pick it up, check email, look at my calendar, read the news, or just cradle it next to my cheek. 

I knew I had a problem and wanted to fix it because:

  1. I always felt panicked! Leaving the house, leaving a restaurant, just plain leaving always came with this sweaty-palmed moment of, "My phone! Where's my phone?!" It was usually accompanied with my wide-eyed look as I quickly patted every one of my pockets. 
  2. I couldn't put it down. (So why reason number one above? If I couldn't put it down, why was I always panicked I didn't have it? Because I think this device worms into our sense of place and purpose like nothing we've ever experienced.)
  3. I don't want my kids to think the phone is the be-all, end-all of one's existence and identity.

There are more reasons but let's start with three as that's such a nice number. It is the magic number after all. 

So I traded in my iPhone SomethingorOther (I think it was a 7) for my dad's LG A380. That's right, the A380. Oh yeah, it's got a camera.

It's been a week and here's what I miss: EVERYTHING. 

Texting: It takes an hour to write, "Okay. See you then." 

Email: It's kind of nice to have access to email to see if, oh, I don't know, plans change so you're not waiting around half-an-hour before calling the person to see if you're still having the meeting.

Contacts: All 1,042 that it turns out you collect over the lifetime of a smartphone relationship (because it is a relationship and I broke up with mine!) that your flip phone can only import a few hundred of.

The one positive is I do make more phone calls because phone calls are, in fact, the fastest way to get to a decision which most communication is trying to do. So that's good.

And I have broken my attachment to a phone because I freaking hate the thing so much I leave it all over the house. I don't obsessively carry it from one floor to another anymore. Man, I hate that thing. 

Next time, remind me to tell you about the fun of group texting on a flip phone. Oh, the confusion and ensuing hi-jinks! Like something right out of a Shakespearean comedy.