My Year of Flip: Day 1

This is not technically day one of My Year of Flip. It's technically day 49. Until about two days ago, I was planning to turn in the LG A380 flip phone for a sensible smartphone. I was ready to return to the world of modern-day, practical communications-a world wherein I could write a text in a matter of seconds instead of toggling through "PQRS," "MNO," "TUV," "MNO," "DEF," "PQRS," "GHI," "MNO," "MNO," "DEF" to write "Sounds good." The thing doesn't even have T9! (Predictive texting technology flip phones have, or at least some flip phones have.)

But something shifted in me over the weekend. It wasn't quite nostalgia. There's nothing nostalgic about slo-mo texting or sound quality that requires me to re-locate to an underground bunker when someone calls. As one friend pointed out, getting a flip phone was basically a backward step. 

Yet, I noticed something over the weekend. That feeling I talked about in my first entry about making the switch, the panic I used to experience when I thought I didn't have my phone with me, I haven't had that feeling in a while. In a long while. My flip phone is usually on the kitchen sideboard table and it stays there for hours. Hours! (Kelsey, what's a sideboard table?) Good question: this.

So, I'm recommitting! I'm recommitting to life in the communications slow lane for a bit. I'll let other people, like my wife, reply to the various and many texts. I'll continue to check email from my laptop at certain times of the day instead of constantly such as stopped at a light with my kids in the backseat. (Kelsey! That's not safe!) I know but I see you do it, too. 

Also, checking social media obsessively as I did with my smartphone, that predilection has almost completely disappeared. It's so much quieter in my head as a result. Not being on Facebook has really calmed down the voices

How long will I recommit? The impulsive part of me wants to say a year. The non-impulsive part of me wants to put the phone down on the kitchen sideboard table, go outside, and see how I feel tomorrow. So I'm going to go outside now.

Oh, if you do text me, please just ask yes or no questions. If you need more answer than yes or no, call. Which I think could be a good rule of thumb anyway.