My Year of Flip: Day 10 - Paper calendar (+)

As soon as I switched out the smartphone for the flip, I ran up the street to a gift shop that sold calendars. Since it was April, I got a sweet deal on a two-year monthly calendar. How sweet? How's marked-down-from-$5.99-to-$.99-sweet? (That's toothache sweet, Kelsey!) I KNOW!!!

I forgot how much I appreciate seeing my entire month in front of me and all of its various plans and commitments. That was a drag with the native calendar app on my iPhone. I could see the month but couldn't see exactly what each day entailed-just the dot that meant I was doing something that day. But that something could have meant a reminder to give an elderly dog her insulin shot in the morning (not busy) or an all-day rehearsal (busy). I'm sure there are better calendar apps out there, but I've grown too lazy for that kind of analysis and decision-making.  

I like instantly seeing in my own handwriting (Handwriting! That ancient tradition.) what the day holds. And the bigger the book and handwriting, the better. 

I think I also remember it better if I actually write it down. And turns out, that's a thing. Scientific American reported on three different studies. Essentially, students who took notes via pen and paper in a class remembered more of the information and had a better understanding of the content than those who typed them out on a laptop.

From the article: [students who take notes by hand must] "listen, digest, and summarize so that they can succinctly capture the essence of the information." 

Granted, writing down "Give Addie her shot" is different than "Origen was the most important theologian and biblical scholar of the early Greek church." But I think slowing down to write it out does help take a picture of the information, at least for my brain.

When I eventually go back to Smartphoneland, I may still keep the paper calendar. I also like writing with my favorite pen, the Pilot G-2, extra fine in blue.