With humor, facts, and insight, Kelsey was able to bring connection to our group, one with varying viewpoints.
— Krista Wathne, Hartsbrook School
Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Digital Responsibility

How many screens are too many?

How many hours is it reasonable to be online?

What's the right age for my kid to have her own phone?

These are all the kinds of questions that fall under the, admittedly awkward, if not vaguely dirty, topic of Digital Responsibility.

Essentially, how do you and your family balance (or not) all things digital in your lives, e.g. smartphones, social media, texting, email?

It's worth talking about and, even better, talking about it together with your Parent-Teacher Organization, church group, employee resource group, or any gathering of people trying to figure this out.

Let's do it. You and me. I'll bring a research-driven and funny* presentation to kick things off and then will facilitate a conversation after so that at the end of the event, everyone leaves with actionable steps to better understand and balance technology in their families' lives. 

Call me and we'll get started.

(*Research-driven and funny because it's important to have the facts and it's just as important to find the funny in them when they can amp up our stress response.)