Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Photo credit: Sandra Costello

Let's get people talking

Listen to what is happening in your workplace right now...

What do you hear?

Is it quiet?

Maybe too quiet?

Is there engaged conversation? Or when people have a spare moment are they poking at their smartphones? Is there shared laughter? Or polite titters?

In short, is there the sound of connection?

Because connection is where it’s at.

It drives engagement. And, engagement drives productivity.

But you know this!

That’s why you planned that work retreat with the speaker. Another time, you brought in a facilitator that led you all through a series of trust-building exercises.

But they simply missed the mark.

It all felt a little forced or too planned.

Because it was.

In a world of top-ten lists and news alerts reporting the latest findings about improving workplace engagement, it all can end up feeling rather prescriptive.

Headlines* such as these dominate our landscape:

●        Follow these five tips to build a better team

●        The 10-minute meeting and how to achieve it!

●        Make ‘em laugh! No. Really. You have to force your team to laugh for better engagement.

(*These are fictional but are based on what we’re inundated with on a daily basis.)

Engagement is a two-way street. It’s not a top-down phenomenon. You can’t force anybody to feel good about what they do or about the environment within which they do it without getting their input.

With Kelsey as the facilitator or emcee, audience members are happy to be there and be part of the audience community. She brings people together with her very human touch. Kelsey both rallies and uplifts the audience.
— Judith Roberts, Executive Director, The Literacy Project

So, how do you strengthen engagement on your team?

Cultivate kindness: Demonstrate a visible commitment to your team’s wellbeing, and they will in turn connect with you, your vision, and their role in it.

Slow down: I know it sounds counter-intuitive in our 24/7 now-now-now wired world. But slowing down and tapping into the innate warmth and genuine presence that resides in us all can unveil what is happening in the moment for your team. And that will unlock possibilities you may not have seen before.

Have fun: Not orchestrated or mandated fun. Honest-to-goodness fun that results in wide, open-mouthed laughter and remembering why you love to do what you do.

I can help you
I’m Kelsey Flynn. I’m a motivational speaker, emcee, and comedian with over 20 years in the communications business. From my experience in clubs and conference rooms in Seattle to Chicago, Boston to Baltimore, I know how to quickly create a sense of belonging and meaning for people whether they’re in large groups or small teams. I make events and messages memorable through laughter, warmth, and the kind of fun that doesn’t require trust-fall exercises.

Let’s talk about how I can do that for you.

Kelsey was able to take a topic, finding time for ourselves in a world that demands so much, and turn the reality of what we all have to deal with on a day-to-day basis into a motivating, fun and energetic discussion that set the tone for our event.
— Kelly Rutherford, Assistant Vice President, MassMutual